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Online scheduling your customers will love

In the Super Productivity Series, we will be looking at the various tools and innovative advances Microsoft has included in some of its Cloud based solutions. The thinking behind this series is to sell convenience, a concept, a business problem solver as opposed to selling a specific product to your customer.

Being an IT Reseller is not easy as you often have to find creative ways of making your customers see the value of a specific product or service.

The First application we will be looking at is: Microsoft Bookings

Bring in Business 24/7 with Microsoft Bookings

  • View and manage your Bookings calendar.
  • Create and edit bookings.
  • See real-time availability and whereabouts of your staff.
  • Respond to customers with bookings quickly and easily.
  • Get directions to your next booking.
  • Access your customer list.

Microsoft Bookings is a new feature that allows your clients to make bookings for a service through an online calendar. Your client can even pick a specific day, service, and even a particular staff member they prefer.

Bookings gives you a quick and easy alternative to scheduling appointments over the phone. With a customizable public webpage, your customers can easily find available times and available appointments any time of day. Once you have installed Bookings, you get a private calendar for managing your schedule, and automatic confirmations and reminders to save you time.

Your customers will love the flexibility, convenience, and control they get with Bookings. Being able to make and manage any booking online simplifies scheduling and cuts down on phone tag. Some of your customers might prefer calling and emailing to set up appointments, worry not, you will be able to enter information manually and all confirmations and reminders will be sent to you as usual.

The First application we will be looking at is: Microsoft Bookings

Pre- Requisites:
  1. You will need an Office 365 account with Bookings App [Business Premium; Will be available on other plans (Enterprise E3 and E5) at a later stage
  2. A modern web browser
How it works:

As with all of the Office 365 apps, Bookings is a tile in the app launcher. Click the tile to launch the app.The first time you open the app, you’ll see the home page, which includes a left nav and three prominent tiles that guide you through setup and introduce new features.

Let’s take things up a notch:

Microsoft Bookings integrates with Facebook to make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments from your business’ Facebook page. When booking an appointment, customers select the service and time that works for them. Their contact information is filled in for them automatically.


First, you need to make sure you have already set up Microsoft Bookings in Office 365 and published your Booking Page.

Setup Steps

1. Open your business Facebook page.
2. Choose Settings in the upper right (this will only show up if you’re the admin of your page)
3. Choose Partner Apps and Services in the left panel

4. Choose Add Service.
5. Select Microsoft Bookings and click Add Service

6. A new tab will open. Sign into your Office 365 account when prompted.
7. When you see your booking calendars, choose the one you want to connect to your Facebook page > Connect.

8. The tab will close and you’ll return to Facebook. Now you’re all set to receive Bookings through your Facebook page!

Frequently asked questions

When will Bookings be available?
It is currently rolling out to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers who are in the First Release program and will roll out to all Business Premium subscribers worldwide in the coming months.

Which Office 365 subscriptions have access to Bookings?
Bookings will be available with an Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

As a business owner, do all my staff need to be Office 365 subscribers?
No. You only need one Office 365 Business Premium account to set up and manage Bookings. Your staff can use any email service.

How do I manage the appointments while I am away from the office?
In the next few weeks, Microsoft Bookings will deliver a companion app that will allow designated users with an Office 365 subscription to manage and see all appointments as well as all customers’ information.

Will my customers see my personal or business calendar?
No. Your customers will only see the Bookings calendar that you publish online. You specify the services, times and staff that are visible on that calendar.

Do my customers need a Microsoft account or an Office 365 subscription to be able to book with me?
No. Your Bookings page is publicly available. To book an appointment, your customers only need to provide their name and email so that Bookings can send the confirmation email and reminder.

Do my customers need to download an app to book an appointment?
A. No. Your customers access your web-based booking page from any browser in a mobile device, tablet or laptop. The upcoming Bookings mobile app is only for the business owner to manage their Bookings calendar.

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