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Mobile First, Cloud First

There are two speeds in the next evolution of IT – yesterday and tomorrow!

Will traditional IT be your legacy, or will you step up a gear, and move ahead of the crowd?

Slow Pace *

The traditional IT model of CAPEX and OPEX coming together to operate in a so-called heterogeneous environment where legacy systems and often outdated, and inflated human resources are combined to produce a computative output is fast becoming overly expensive and to a large degree redundant. Costs are high! Sunken costs, such as for data centres, cooling, power and lights are astronomical, and supply is often not as reliable as expected – especially in South Africa. And with the SPLA licensing model, customers are “locked-in” to a fixed term contract where changes are very difficult, and oftentimes impossible to implement.

Fast Pace **

The Microsoft Azure Cloud, through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program, is the world’s most holistic and complete Hyperscale Cloud and allows for not only born-in-the-cloud usage, where services are consumed as and when needed, but also for hybrid cloud services (on-premise to Cloud interoperability). Licensing is consumed, not procured, and is generally a part of a larger deployment, reducing cost. Monthly bills are generated by monthly usage – if you don’t use anything, you don’t get billed! It’s as simple as that! No more “extra” licenses not being used, but being paid for.

Not only that, but your existing SPLA licensing (T&C apply) can be utilized in Azure, allowing for a reduction in costs as (certain) licensing is being “pulled in” to the Azure environment… And you don’t have to shelve paid for licenses just to utilise the Cloud!

So, cost savings on data centre, IT administration staff, server, storage and networking components means that deploying ITaaS in the Azure Cloud is the way forward, the FAST PACE.

* SPLA is for organizations that want to offer hosted software and services to customers, such as web hosting, hosted applications, messaging, collaboration, and platform infrastructure.
** CSP is for organizations that want the agility an flexibility of a true Cloud experience, where licenses are consumed and utilised as and when needed. Spin up, shut down, pay for what you use!

View the financial benefits of using Azure

*Pricing only applicable for South African market and subject to change.
USD values available on request.

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