Start utilising Azure capabilities today and save…

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Why wait for the local DC’s, start utilising Azure capabilities today and save…

It does not make business sense to pay for on-premise physical hardware. Knowing what you can safe by using Azure it makes great business sense to be in full control of your IT spend without operational sprawl.

The ability to only pay for what you use and manage your resource requirement with a click of a button. Simply add more computing power when you require or scale it down when you are done.

No operational sprawl, no time or money wasted – Azure gives you secure, efficient and scalable public cloud infrastructure.

The following Azure VM’s are now available for your workloads:

Entry Level Machine
(Domain Controller/Low Traffic Web Front End/Dev & Test)
Production Machine
(HR/Accounting Package)
High Performance
(SQL/Backend Servers)
This workload is perfect for low performance and read-write operations. Web Fronts that are servicing low traffic volumes such as internal applications or static web pages would be a perfect fit. With fast premium storage, this machine is perfect for running those HR and Accounting packages for small businesses.

Reduce the performance when you aren’t using it and increase when you do, it’s a win-win for cost-saving and productivity.

The best performance for SQL Server on Azure VMs.

If your workload is less demanding, you might not require every optimization listed below. Consider your performance requirements and workload patterns as you evaluate these recommendations.

  • Windows Server OS Included
  • 2 x Cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 126GB HDD OS Disk
  • Windows Server OS Included
  • 2 x Cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 126GB SSD OS Disk
  • Windows Server OS Included
  • 8 x Cores
  • 32GB RAM
  • 126GB SSD OS Disk
Cost Estimate:
$91.26 / R1, 295.83 p.m.

Cost Estimate:
$142.50 / R2, 023.48 p.m.

Additional Storage:
Get an additional 128GB SSD Premium Disk for ($18.60 / R270)

Cost Estimate:
$570.00 / R8, 094.00 p.m.

* The above pre-configured VM’s is a basic guideline. The correct sizing of customer requirements needs to be facilitated by the partner. Sizing and performance is based on software and workload requirements.

* ROE is based on R14.20 and may fluctuate

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