Security on Microsoft Azure

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Protect Microsoft Azure workloads with effective, consistent, and simple-to manage protection. Sophos, a leader in network and endpoint security, discovers and protects Azure VMs. Connect Sophos Central with Azure Active Directory to show all VMs currently running with Sophos Central Server Protection and what policies are applied.

Customers can connect their Microsoft Azure environment with their Sophos Central account to discover and protect their Azure VMs with Sophos Central Server Protection. Customers can use the native integration between Azure and Sophos Central to retrieve metadata about server VMs in Azure, including Azure VM ID, OS, location, Server Group, and policies applied.

  • Sophos Synchronized Security allows Sophos solutions like XG Firewall and Sophos Central – both of which are supported in Microsoft Azure – to communicate through a Security Heartbeat (TM), enabling threat detection and positive identification of compromised servers.
  • Sophos Synchronized Security is a best of breed security system that enables defenses to be as coordinated as the attacks it protects against. It provides unparalleled protection, because unlike point products that can only stop individual elements of an attack, Synchronized Security can correlate multiple aspects of an attack, and thwart multiple prongs of attack. Designed with servers in mind, Synchronized Security:
    • Shares threat intelligence between servers, endpoints, and firewalls.
    • Protects end users from accessing potentially compromised servers and network shares.
    • Analyzes across all Sophos products to create simple, actionable insights and automatic resolutions.

Synchronized Security across Microsoft Azure

Easy deployment and setup

VMs with a Sophos Server Protection agent are simply deployed into Azure and managed from Sophos Central. Customers will specify which server group they should be a part of and which policies will apply to protect those VMs. Steps include:

  • Deploy VMs with Sophos Server Protection Agent when launched.
  • Create an image with Sophos Server Protection Agent.
  • Deploy a new VM with a Sophos agent from an image.


Sophos Central Server Protection is licensed per server, with a choice of the Standard or Advanced licenses depending on the features desired. Sophos tracks license usage information in your Sophos Central management console, so you simply need to select the number of Server Protection licenses based on the estimated number of servers. Sophos Central will count and indicate the number of Server Protection agents actually in use and automatically and automatically remove VMs that are terminated in Azure from license tracking in Sophos Central.

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