Deliver best-of-breed IT through your own First for Cloud webstore

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Deliver best-of-breed IT through your own First for Cloud webstore

What the Webstore offers:

Best of Breed products, such as: AWS, Azure, O365, Kaspersky, IBM Softlayer to name a few.  The products cover IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

We are offering a simplified way to consume over 300 different cloud services from a single portal.  No more having to sign numerous “Terms and Conditions” for each Cloud Service that you want to consume.  You will receive one bill from First Distribution and give your client one invoice in either Rands or Dollars. Complete User Manager – someone joins the company, simply add them as a user – someone leaves, revoke their access. IT knows who is using what product, where the company data is going

You can – Compare different services before making a decision and you, the reseller, keeps your valuable relationship with your customer.

A First for Cloud webstore is an online partner branded shop which enables resellers to sell cloud services to your end-users. Cloud services from the top global cloud providers and vendors are supplied through the First for Cloud Catalogue, and resellers have the ability to select which services they want to resell via their own branded First for Cloud webstore.

First for Cloud offers a number of solutions to get you started on the road to selling Cloud Services as quickly as possible. These include both pure Cloud Services as well as value-added peripheral services such as consulting, webstore setup and support, to name just a few.

How you make money:

  • Margins on all the products
  • Services that you can offer to your users

Benefits of a webstore:

  • The Webstore is created with your own company branding and url.
  • Store is up and running within 30 days from signing of Contract.
  • You will always own your customers.
  • The webstore gives you the opportunity to create an Annuity Revenue stream.
  • Gives you the means to target new markets and new revenue / business benefits.
  • All billing is done online and through the Webstore platform.

For more information on First for Cloud’s range of Websore solutions, please contact