What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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 What is Virtual Desktop Infratructure?

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, simply put, is a computer in the cloud. Your computer in the cloud gives you Windows 10 with Microsoft Office to provide your business with cutting edge IT technology and mobility while ensuring the best performance and security for your users. We teamed up with the world’s best workstation, server and backup technology vendors and built a virtual platform for “small office” networks to flourish in our cloud based system.

  • Daily backups that go back 30 days.
  • Monthly backups for 12 months.
  • Secure, shared network drives within your organizations file level access.
  • Microsoft workstations platforms either Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • Uniform wall paper synchronization, for that personal touch or to share some internal unified business strategies.
  • Latest Microsoft Office Package.
  • Mobility – login to your machine from anywhere in the world.
  • Multi device platform – you can login through your laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet and even your smart phone.
  • 10Gb of disk space per user.
  • No shared drives between users.

99% Uptime. Service for uptime is free (to make sure the VDI is available).

Pricing Info on the Solutions:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Silver Cloud Package Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Gold Cloud Package 1 Additional 5GB Network Share 5GB Additional Storage
R499.00 per month R2395.00 per month R25.00 per month R12.00 per month

* All prices are exclusive of VAT

For more information on First for Cloud’s range of Websore solutions, please contact Dana.Cinman@firstdistribution.co.za

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