Streamline your business with Microsoft Azure

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Streamline your business with Microsoft Azure via First Distribution

Streamline your business with Microsoft Azure via First Distribution

Essential Tips for managing Microsoft Azure Costs

Addressing the nightmares associated with paying for public cloud resources with your credit card

Our findings are that many partners and businesses are battling with the management of costs associated to ‘someone’s’ credit card. There are multiple challenges and risks associated with this – which First Distribution can eliminate as one of Microsoft’s leading distributors.

  • ROE forward cover
  • Support
  • Co-Marketing opportunity
  • A single bill to the reseller
  • Associating your customers with your Azure subscriptions

A common argument against Cloud computing is the possibility of runaway costs.  With proper planning and implementation of your Azure networks, you can spend less money and gain more benefits than you would with a traditional on-site server and network infrastructure.

It’s easiest to think of Cloud computing as a utility or a collection of resources, rather than discrete physical servers.  Like electricity in your house or gasoline in your car, Public Cloud computing is consumption-based, rather than asset-based.

First Distribution can help you find the most effective ways to reduce your resource consumption and increase your Public Cloud cost savings.

Planning for Azure cost savings

The most important thing to do with Public Cloud is to plan before starting your roll out. It sounds obvious, but is often not thoroughly addressed. Planning is your number one weapon for cost saving – use it!
A frequent trap that IT administrators fall into is ‘sizing’ Public Cloud virtual machines and networks as they traditionally did for on-premise configurations. You need to plan for AVERAGE consumption, not PEAK usage. Azure gives you both, as it is designed to scale upon demand – unlike the servers you have sitting in a closet. You don’t need to pay for resources you are not using.

Luckily for us, Microsoft provides an online cost calculator:

Use this tool to get an idea of what achieving your goals will cost. This is an excellent way to quickly try out different configurations.
It’s also helpful to run Performance Monitor on your existing systems for a couple of weeks to get an idea of the current consumption of computing resources. The results may surprise you – you may not be using as much as you think. In addition, don’t forget to include periods of peak usage, like during monthly billing or reporting cycles.

Natasha Bezuidenhout
First Distribution – Microsoft Brand Manager

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