Reimagine Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Making Microsoft Dynamics 365 easy and accessible for any size business

Most businesses today know that delivering a great customer experience is essential to winning sales and differentiating themselves against their competition. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales comes in, but a lot of smaller businesses see it as too complex for their needs. Dynamics 365 for Sales offers the perfect solution because it can adapt to specific business needs, with the flexibility to deliver only the part of the solution that is right for the customer at a given time. In many cases, the best strategy is to focus on the basics and start small—for example delivering capabilities around a specific area like opportunity management, and then moving on to more advanced scenarios later.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Edition (SMB Offer)

South Africa- R400.00

Africa – $31.00


Everyone on the sales team needs easy access to consistent, detailed customer information and past interactions.
Make it easy for all your salespeople to get the information they need to deliver great customer experiences.


An increasingly mobile sales team demands tools that make it seamless to work anywhere.
Empower your salespeople to do their best work from virtually anywhere on any device.


Business leaders need visibility into organizational performance to make better-informed decisions quickly.
Get visibility into your organization to make informed decisions and grow your business.

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