Build recurring revenue streams with Microsoft cloud solutions

Over the past year, First Distribution has been making progress in penetrating the African market –recently introducing Microsoft CSP to Kenya, and now Mauritius.

On Monday, 8 May, First Distribution and First for Cloud hosted a prestigious event at Hennessy Park Hotel in Mauritius to mark the launch of Microsoft CSP in the country.

The evening was spent discussing the benefits and possibilities that Microsoft CSP has to offer, along with an introduction to Acronis and Brocade, and an overview of their unique service offerings.

What is the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program enables partners to directly manage the entire lifecycle for their Microsoft cloud customers including billing and support. Partners in this program use dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support their customer subscriptions. Partners can easily package their own tools, products and services, and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill.

First Distribution and the focus on Africa

First Distribution, South Africa’s leading distributor of data centre and enterprise solutions, has recently announced their intent to focus on the African market during the next year. Distribution to Mauritius and the Indian Oceans Island Region is one of the latest additions that this African market focus has produced.

With more than 14 years’ experience as a South African Software Distributor in Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreements (SPLA) and now Cloud Solutions Provider, First Distribution has a wealth of experience in the industry.

Aiding partners with all types of licensing activities, First Distribution has long been known for the value and support they provide to partners.

What are the benefits of CSP?

CSP makes it easy to build a managed services business with Microsoft Cloud Services and provides an opportunity to build recurring revenue streams.

How does this impact the way I sell today?

How you sell Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Microsoft Azure are exactly the same. This is simply one of the business models partners can consider when selling Microsoft cloud subscriptions.

Which products can I sell in this program?

You can sell all major commercial suites and standalone products for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. We will add other services as they become available.