Cloud Catalyst – Assisting partners in their journey to the cloud

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Assisting partners in their journey to the cloud

What is Cloud Catalyst:

Aimed at assisting partners in their journey to the cloud through four key areas, the Cloud Catalyst Programme enables partners to benefit from this programme regardless of their current level of cloud involvement.

Partners can choose to attend in all areas, or only the courses and assistance in areas which they require. Assistance will be provided via 1:1 sessions, classroom-style learning, and live and on-demand webinars.

Technical assistance will also be available across all platforms and throughout all aspects of cloud technology, ranging from assistance with architectural diagrammes such as moving on-premises workloads into the cloud, to implementation assistance for managed service providers and hosters.

Solutions for partners will span from monthly license aggregation, to providing the ability for partners to resell IAAS, PAAS AND SAAS solutions from leading global and local providers.

The four pillars of the Cloud Catalyst Programme are:

Education and Tech Assistance
  • Product Training
  • Technical Training 101
  • Cloud Architect Assistance
  • Technical Resources

Marketing Pack

  • Get Started
  • Reseller Introductory Mailer
  • Reseller Press Release
  • Webstore Campaign
  • Social Media Posts

About Your Brand:

  • Your Corporate Identity and what is says about you?
  • Reflecting your companies vision
  • Living the brand – brand value alignment
  • Brand stability – company stability
  • Online reputation management – Attention to detail


  • Digital is all about ROI
    • Measurements
    • A general analytics scenario
  • Collecting the data
  • Tools
    • Google Analytics
    • Hoot Suite social media analytics

Online Selling and Ecommerce

  • Trust and Customer comfort
  • UI & UX
  • Conversion – the transaction
  • Plan (Based on Digital marketing foundation. Webinar – Digital marketing)
    • Yearly calendar
    • Promotions
    • Channels
    • Maintenance
  • Support

Digital Marketing Strategie:

  • Building the foundations
    • Platform
    • Online marketing channel setup
    • Brand (Short)
  • Maintenance
    • Content Marketing
    • Social media management
    • eMail marketing
  • Campaigns
    • ROI
    • Real time Retail
    • Brand building and Awareness
Business Transformation
  • Optimising your cloud business model
  • Optimising your cloud sales model
  • The competitive advantage
    • Adding your IP
    • Adding your services
  • Coopetition
  • The New World
  • Where are we heading
    • Hype vs Reality

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