Azure StorSimple Across Your Business

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Deploy Azure StorSimple Across Your Business

Azure StorSimple pioneered the concept of Hybrid Cloud Storage. By combining both public and private cloud storage capabilities, Azure StorSimple has empowered our customers to handle today’s key storage problems more effectively and economically. We can deal with massive data growth, provide solid DR capabilities, and yield overall storage cost savings of up to 60% while providing better performance.

Hybrid cloud storage-arrays
  • Seamlessly integrate with Azure Storage with no change in existing applications or servers.
  • Consolidate storage functions (primary, archive, backup, DR all in one)
  • Automatically tier older data to the cloud
  • Backup to the cloud
  • Storage efficiency – deduplication and compression
  • Military-grade encryption
8000 Series
  • Highavailability
  • DR to the cloud with the StorSimple Cloud Appliance
  • Test your DR solution before it goes live
  • Up to 500TB perdevice
StorSimple Virtual Array
  • iSCSI or SMB
  • No up-frontcommitment
  • Runs on HyperV or VMware
  • Up to 64TB per storage array

Azure StorSimple hybrid cloud storage solution breaks the cycle of endless focus on managing storage infrastructure and helps businesses use storage as a key enabler for business. With Azure StorSimple, customers can:

  • Consolidate large amount of storage infrastructure
  • Simplify storage management and data protection
  • Implement robust disaster recovery (DR) mechanisms
  • Accelerate IT projects that deliver business value
  • Reduce total storage costs up to 60%
  • Improve overall IT performance

Azure StorSimple significantly reduces the time needed to manage storage and gives IT the time and flexibility to work on higher-priority projects that support business goals.

What does it cost:

StorSimple 8100

$1359.04 / R20 000

StorSimple 8600

$2148.64 / R31 000

Delivery, Installation, Migration, and Management

 R80 000

*ROE Dependant

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